Elston Materials of Chicago Is a Member of the Masonry Advisory Council

The Masonry Advisory Council provides free and useful resources to help local contractors, builders, masons, and others of the industry in their respective communities. MAC in Illinois and NW Indiana, per their website, “promotes and markets the benefits of masonry construction, materials, and technologies through educational and informational programs.” We at Elston Materials are proud to be an active supplier to Chicago and a member of MAC.

Making the benefits of masonry work for you

Block and concrete are objectively “green” materials. They boast a longer life, and they hold up through harsh Chicago weather and winters. And when you work with a local company like ours? You also reap the benefits of personalized customer service and enable the local economy. Your Chicago building project can facilitate hundreds of working Chicagoans’ livelihoods! Concrete supply is in no small demand these days. By choosing a company associated with MAC, you directly contribute to the wellbeing of the area.

tips for pouring concrete

The Masonry Advisory Council helps you make informed decisions about your projects

Associate members (like Elston!) of the Masonry Advisory Council are reputable industry suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers. They don’t simply list a community directory, either! Their work includes “providing continuing education, advocating fair codes and standards, recruiting future manpower, and marketing the benefits of masonry materials.”

Elston Materials has reliably supplied Chicagoland builders and masons for decades

We’ve brought you Maxi Mix, LEED block, concrete, and more for over 45 years. As far as we can see, these materials are the way of our sustainable construction future. We want to make that future possible. So we choose to be a part of MAC. And we make it a point to bring the best possible customer service to our clients and customers. Simply put? We’re family owned and operated. We offer excellent customer service and we will continue to produce reliable, high-quality products. Learn more about us.

Cassie Vu