Your Masonry and Concrete Masonry Units Will Weather Every Winter

Concrete blocks (or Concrete Masonry Units, a.k.a. CMUs) provide masonry and construction with lasting foundations. To buy cement blocks is to ensure the longevity of your structure. Concrete offers great strength under pressure and the elements, as we’ve talked about before here on the blog. Steel rebar reinforcement will further bolster these properties and provide sustainable structure.

Some materials just aren’t meant to hold up under all weather conditions

Winter can make construction and masonry significantly more difficult. However, it’s not a matter of when we’re building, so much as how that building stands….

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Cold weather concreting via Concrete Construction.

We know that concrete holds up and insulates very well.

As we continue to build, we need to choose sustainable materials for Chicago

The future does not look bright for bargain-basement construction work. It’s no secret that we’ve had to overhaul tens of thousands of buildings built with asbestos and formaldehyde products from past decades. Similar (albeit less toxic) chemicals have found their way into innumerable building materials. Material engineers have imbued plastics and other compounds with properties to withstand various conditions, but these are rarely the most economical or environmentally sound.

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Fortunately, we can compromise on quality and price. If we encourage builders to buy cement blocks and use concrete in their projects, the bleak environmental landscape brightens. For one of the oldest trades around, we have sure seen a masonry renaissance! And we only expect it to continue.

In short: buy cement blocks for your next project (and encourage your contractor to do the same)

Whatever form your concrete takes, it is a greener, more efficient, and less expensive choice. Elston Materials has been a cement and concrete supplier to builders and contractors in Chicago for many decades. We hope to bring Chicago into the next great era of development! Follow along with us on Facebook to keep up with our latest news and advice.

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