The Benefits of Maxi-Mix, the Pre-Blended Mortar

While you’re on a construction site, timely and consistent delivery is incredibly important. We provide pre-blended mortar solutions like Maxi-Mix to meet this need. At Elston Materials, we understand that even the at-home construction, masonry, or renovation work requires a consistent product like Maxi-Mix.

Here are some benefits of Maxi-Mix Pre-Blended Mortar

Better Quality

With our pre-blended mortar, Elston Materials can assure high quality — it’s a product produced right here in Chicago IL for our customers and contractors. Produced with only the highest quality raw materials, you don’t need to worry about the strength of the product. There is also less measuring and quantifying to do on the job site.

Reduction of Maintenance Costs

One of the main benefits of pre-blended mortar is the overall longevity of the work. It’s an incredibly sturdy material, and it requires minimal maintenance. You’re less likely to need to replace your concrete and other materials, which keeps more money in your pocket. While other elements like wood and metals are susceptible to moisture and humidity, there are minimal issues with this kind of mortar. This prevents problems like rust and termite damage to occur, which would further cause you to shell out money for maintenance and repair.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike many other building materials, one of the benefits of mortar is its minimal impact on the environment. Even compared to cement mixed prior on-site arrival, we can reduce environmental pollution because there is less total that needs to be produced. There is also less consumption of petrol and diesel, further reducing its strain on the environment. When thinking about the extraction methods for the production of mortar, quarries have the ability to be used for residential and recreational use.

Cuts Down Construction Expenses and Time

We can avoid wasting superfluous raw materials. Mass-produced products like Maxi-Mix come from accurate measurement and proper maintenance. Unlike regular mixes, ready materials eliminate on-site storage needs. This storage can be costly and fairly inconvenient. It takes up needed space and resources!

Maxi-Mix will make your life as a contractor or builder easier. What’s next on the docket? What are you planning? We at Elston understand your needs. Let’s keep in touch. Think of us for your next project. 

Cassie Vu

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