Advantages of Starting Construction in the Fall

Summer is the busiest construction season in Chicago. You can hardly drive down the street without running into some sort of construction project. If you have an upcoming construction project and summer was too busy, you don’t have to push it off until next spring! There are some big advantages of starting construction in the fall, so read on to see if this is right for your project!

Save money

When you do construction during the offseason, you’ll be able to save money! There are a couple of reasons this will save you money. First, you won’t have to pay the premium rate for contractors who are getting competing offers during the busy season.

This same idea applies to the supplies you need. When you do construction during the offseason, you’ll be able to get your supplies at a cheaper rate. Often, you’ll be able to get them faster, too. Not waiting for supplies means you’ll be able to start and finish your project more quickly.

Faster construction

Also, because you’re not trying to compete with the busiest time of the year, there will be more contractors available for starting construction in the fall. You’ll have an easier time finding contractors to work on your project. And this means that you’ll be able to finish your construction project faster.

You’ll also be able to get permits more quickly because the offices won’t be as busy or backed up as they are in the summer. This can lead to your permits being approved faster and fewer delays in construction.

Better weather

One of the best advantages of starting construction in the fall is being able to embrace the weather! Without the blazing heat of Summer days, it’s more likely you’ll be able to get a full work day in! So thanks to the cooler weather, your project will move along more quickly.

Spring construction can mean lots of rain, but by starting construction in the fall, you can avoid the main rainy season.

Fall is also the time of year when the weather is cool, but not too cold. Winter construction can mean snow and cold delays. By starting your construction project in the fall, you’ll hit that sweet spot between sweltering summer heat and frozen winter chill.

Are you interested in starting construction in the fall?

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Cassie Vu