Benefits of Using Split Face Block

benefits of split face block

Split face block is beneficial for many reasons, and as a result many contractors use it. Here are some of the top reasons you should consider using split face block for your next project.


Split face block is incredibly durable. It is one of the strongest construction materials and is less susceptible to fire or termite damage than other materials are. This makes for a more secure foundation and overall more durable building.

While these blocks are typically more expensive up front than other types of concrete blocks, the durability often leads to split face blocks lasting longer. This means that you’ll be able to go longer between repairs and having to replace blocks. However, you should still apply a water repellent approximately every 3 – 7 years.


Another advantage to this type of construction block is that you can get it in nearly any color. You can also get a variety of sizes and other types. Because these blocks are so adaptable and come in so many different options, it’s easy to use them for any project. It’s almost guaranteed that whatever type of block you’re looking to use, this product has a version that can be used for your project.


This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing building options for your project. The texture of these blocks is split and rough looking, which leads to an interesting and textured look to buildings. Instead of just a plain smooth look, these blocks give your building a more beautiful look. Once again, being able to find this material in nearly any color helps with the exterior of your building, since you don’t have to use just the “standard” colors of gray or tan.

If you’re looking for split face block for your next construction project…

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