How to Prepare Construction Sites for Winter

Winter is quickly approaching, and if you have ongoing projects, you need to know how to prepare construction sites for winter. There are several ways to prepare construction sites for the winter months, and these are some of the most important.

Expect delays

Winter brings plenty of unpredictable weather. From snow to freezing rain to extreme cold, you never know what the days are going to bring. Because of this, it’s important to expect weather delays. Remember that it’s possible for the weather to change quickly and stay bad for days.

Prevent slipping

Snow and ice can cause a lot of slippery surfaces all around your construction site. And if someone slips and falls, they could be injured. Slipping with construction equipment or supplies could damage the equipment or supplies, and lead to even more delays as well. In order to prevent slipping throughout your site, make sure all workers are wearing the proper anti-slip footwear. Also, encourage everyone to walk more slowly than normal and take smaller steps.

Know your limits

Winter construction is not only possible, but it can also be a great way to get projects done more cheaply than in peak construction seasons. However, it is important to know your (and your site’s) limits during winter. It can be tempting to press through bad weather, but working outside on the worst days can actually be counterproductive to progress.

Keep workers warm

The workers are outside for hours at a time. And in the extreme cold, it can take a toll on their bodies. So when you prepare your construction sites for winter, set up warming stations with heaters and warm drinks for the workers to retreat to on breaks. This way they can get warm and stay healthy.

Train your workers

Training your workers on the proper protocols and rules for winter construction is paramount to your project’s success. When you prepare construction sites for winter, prepare your workers as well. This way, you can make sure that everyone working on the site understands the rules and the ways to keep your construction site the safest during the winter season.

Are you working on a winter construction project?

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Cassie Vu