Benefits of LEED Certified Block

There are many benefits of LEED certified block. When you use this for your next project you’ll be contributing to creating greener builds and a more sustainable construction future. Learn more about the benefits to these blocks as well as where you can get the most reliable LEED certified block.

How does LEED certification work?

LEED certification establishes a common standard of measurement for green building. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and it’s a United States national standard for developing high-quality, sustainable buildings. This standard is voluntary, but it emphasizes using sustainable practices in building, from using designs that promote saving water and energy to choosing materials that support this green building process. One of the ways to promote green building is by using LEED certified concrete blocks.

What is LEED certified block?

LEED certified block saves resources and money while promoting clean and renewable energy. These blocks are durable, sustainable, locally harvested and manufactured, and use recycled material. Because of this, they are valuable assets to all builders and architects who strive for a more environmentally friendly build.


One major benefit to this certification is sustainability. Because these blocks are locally harvested so they use fewer resources and made with recycled materials, they are sustainable. Thanks to the blocks’ sustainability, contractors can help build in a more sustainable manner, leading to a more environmentally-friendly final product. And if you want a LEED certified building, this is especially important. By using sustainable building materials, you create an environmentally friendly foundation for your project.


Of course, the quality of LEED certified block is incredibly important as well. High quality blocks are key, since they’re a solid foundation for your building. Low quality blocks are more susceptible to damage such as cracking. But high quality, sustainable blocks are the best of both worlds: the quality you deserve plus the sustainability you need.

Build green

You can contribute to greener builds by using LEED certified block. The construction material industry can create a lot of waste that negatively contributes to the environment. One important way you can counteract this is by purposely using green materials, such as LEED certified blocks.

Where to find LEED certified block

Elston Materials has all the LEED certified block you could need for your next build. Elston uses blocks made from 43% recycled content. We also locally harvest and manufacture these blocks within 500 miles of Elston. Although many companies provide LEED block, very few can say they match Elston in the percentage of recycled content used.

This means we can provide contractors and architects with high quality, sustainable brick and construction supplies. We believe in contributing to environmentally responsible builds and we hope that our LEED block will help others follow suit.

Elston also provides many design options for concrete blocks, which gives customers a unique level of diversity that is almost impossible to find elsewhere. This combined with is sustainability makes Elston’s sustainable LEED blocks a product unmatched by any other company.

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Cassie Vu