Why You Should Use Split-Face Blocks

Architectural split-faced blocks are perfect for many projects. If you’d like to learn more about what they are, check out our post here. We’re going to dig deeper into why you should consider using them for your next construction project.

They’ll save you time

When you build with split-face blocks, you’ll be able to build faster. That’s because these blocks are concrete and readily available here in Chicago. You can build faster with them, and will actually be able to complete your project more quickly.

Split-face blocks will save you money

You know what they say: time is money. And that is certainly true! By saving you time, these split-face blocks will save you money on building costs.

These blocks are also cheaper to buy than many other materials. Because they are made from concrete, they are cheaper than many other types of material, including brick.

These blocks are environmentally-friendly

At Elston Materials, we use LEED certified blocks. This means our blocks are environmentally friendly and certifiably sustainable. They are made of 43% recycled content, some of the highest in the country! We know taking care of the environment is important, so we make sure to use blocks that have a low impact on the environment.

They look nice!

Split-face blocks are blocks that expose the “inside” of the block. This leads to a more rugged look to the blocks. It adds a texture and character to the blocks that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Because of this, your project will look more unique.

Are you looking for split-face blocks?

We offer several types of these blocks. You can find all of our options here

We have options in 4, 8, 10, and 12 inch, and several varieties of each size. 

There’s a reason why Elston Materials is the #1 source of concrete and masonry supplies in Chicago. You can follow us on Facebook and browse our products to find out more.

Cassie Vu

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