3 Important Spring Construction Safety Tips

Spring has sprung, which means construction season is back! As you start your spring construction projects, keep these 3 tips in mind to avoid mistakes and injury!

1. Pay attention to the rain

While rain in the springtime seems like no big deal–especially in Chicago–it’s still important to pay attention to it on construction projects. Rain can cause slippery materials, and if workers aren’t prepared and wearing slip-resistant shoes, they could get seriously injured.

Rain is especially dangerous for spring construction when it is mixed with sand or dirt. The resulting mud causes even slipperier surfaces, so it is important to be aware of this possibility while on a construction site. When faced with muddy conditions, make sure to routinely wipe the mud from boots and gloves.

2. Be aware of high winds in the area

The Chicago area can get pretty windy. Especially if you’re working on a tall building in the city itself, you want to stay aware of the winds. High winds can cause dangerous conditions for construction workers and could lead to injury.

One way to combat this is by keeping all spring construction materials secured on the site. This way, they can’t blow in the wind and cause injury. It also might be necessary to use extra brace supports for the building in high wind conditions. If workers are high up on a building, they should be safely tethered to the building so as not to be affected by these winds.

3. Always make sure your protective gear is working properly

This is a tip that applies year-round, but spring construction conditions can make this even more important. Properly working gear includes making sure your safety goggles are clear and not clouded by rain or fog.

It is also important to always wear your seatbelt while operating any sort of machinery. The slippery spring weather can cause these machines to slide and tip more easily, and wearing your seatbelt could save your life.

Additionally, it is important to wear reflective vests when working in a populated area. When the weather causes fog, limited light, or heavy rains, you want to still be visible to everyone around you.

What do you think the most important safety tip is?

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Cassie Vu

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