Spring Concrete Driveway Maintenance you Need to do

As Chicago’s weather changes and spring arrives, you can’t forget to care for your concrete driveway–or for any outdoor concrete walkways you have. Don’t miss out on this spring concrete driveway maintenance and keep your driveway in great condition!

Caulk & seal all cracks

During the winter, snow can melt over your driveway and run underneath any existing cracks. Also, spring means it will rain more frequently. This rain can run under cracks and into the ground beneath your driveway. When the rain runs into the ground, it can cause the ground to shift. This will lead to even more cracks in your driveway, which will continue the cycle each time it rains.

As the weather fluctuates during the spring, it is very important to prioritize your concrete driveway maintenance. When the air changes from cold to warm and back to cold, the water underneath your driveway will freeze and unfreeze. Since frozen water expands, this could cause further cracking in your concrete each time it freezes.

Another thing that could happen if you don’t keep up with your concrete driveway maintenance is that you can get moss or grass growing through these cracks.

How can I seal my driveway?

We recommend using one of these sealing products for your driveway.

If your driveway cracked over the winter, we carry products you can use to fix your driveway. We also have volumetric mixers for mixing the concrete. You can read about their benefits here.¬†There’s a reason we’re the #1 construction supply source for Chicago, so this spring, let us help you with your construction needs.

Cassie Vu