How to Measure a Concrete Order

Know what you want to do but don’t know how much concrete you’ll need? The possibility of over-calculating or under-calculating is a risk not worth taking. Find out how to properly ensure you measure your concrete order correctly.

Take Measurements of Amount Needed

Consider the length and width of the area that you’ll be needing to pour the concrete. You’ll need to multiply these two numbers together in order to get the total square footage of the area. Sometimes a concrete supplier may ask for the measurements in square yards. If that’s the case, divide the the total square footage by 9.

Strength of the Concrete

In order to further determine the type of concrete you’ll need for the project, you have to make sure you’re getting a concrete mix that is strong enough to withstand a certain amount of psi. Feel free to call a local ready-mix concrete supplier, like Elston Materials, and let them know what the concrete is for. They’ll then determine what proportions of a certain mix (cement, gravel, and sand) you’ll need in order to do the job correctly.

Cost That You Want to Pay

After you’ve calculated the amount you need, you’ll need to figure out how much you need to pay. Along with the price per pound, you want to make sure you figure out if there are any fees for things like weekend deliveries and small loads.

How Long It’ll Take to Unload

While certain deliveries may require a certain amount of unloading time, Elston Materials offers an on-site ready mix so that you can get the exact amount of concrete you need. This ensures that you will not need to worry about not buying enough or buying too much. With an on-site ready mix at your disposal, you have the ability to take care of everything you need much more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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