How To Install Stone Veneer


Elston Materials offers an incredible array of stone veneer for you to use. Whether it’s an accent wall, fireplace wall, or outside landscape design, stone veneer is a great building material to add a unique touch to your decor. Installing stone veneer can be a difficult process, so those with little to no prior experience should strongly consider hiring a professional.

However, if you feel up to the task and are ready to install stone veneer, we’ve outlined a few steps for you to follow. With our help and building materials, we’re confident you’ll reach the desired look you want to achieve.


Before getting started with this project, you definitely want to create a checklist of all the necessary tools you’ll need to begin. It’s never a good feeling getting halfway done with a project and realizing you don’t have the tools you need to complete the work.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Trowels
  • Masonry: brush, saw, and sponge
  • Joint tool
  • Brick hammer
  • Grout bag

Here’s how to install stone veneer

Calculate Materials

Before you start buying a bunch of materials, you want to know exactly how much of that material you’ll need. You should start by determining the square footage of your project that will be covered with the stone veneer. Also, consider the size of the mortar joint that will be between the pieces of stone.

Surface Prep

In order to prevent water damage from occurring, you need to prepare the surface of your project. However, you need to keep in mind that not every surface requires the same preparation. With a framed exterior surface like plywood paneling or metal siding, you will need to cover with tar paper. Conversely, stone veneer can be applied to a surface like untreated concrete directly. With surfaces for framed interior wall, like sheetrock, you’ll need to install a metal lath before applying the stone veneer.

Scratch Coat

Only when you have installed a metal lath will you need to have a scratch coat. If this is necessary, then start by mixing the scratch coat with masonry cement and sand. Slowly add the water to make the texture and consistency of a paste-like substance. Then take your masonry trowel tool and cover the entire area that has the metal lath.

Apply the Stone

In order to install the stone veneer, you’ll need to use a stone veneer mortar. Once the mortar is properly mixed according to the directions, you’ll then begin the actual stone laying. However, it’s important that you lay out the stone beforehand so that you can visualize how it will look and if you need to do any trimming to make the pieces fit.

Grout and Tool Work

Now that you’ve properly affixed the stone, you’ll need to fill in the gaps between the stone with grout. Fill the grout bag up with a pre-blended mortar. Fill all of the gaps and joints with a half-inch layer of the pre-blended mortar. After that, use a joint tool or brush to smooth out the joints and clean off the dust.

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