You might know Elston Materials as Chicago’s #1 Source for Masonry Construction Supplies. However, what exactly is masonry? Let’s investigate a little bit more about one of the oldest construction techniques in the world.

History of Masonry

Did you know that masonry actually dates back to the Neolithic period? The first structures were made with stone and didn’t use anything to keep them together. These structures were mainly tombs and walkways, but paved the way for advancements. 8,000 years ago, bricks were being created in Syria. A thousand years after that, the earliest forms of mortar were being made in Pakistan. And currently, concrete blocks have taken over as the primary material. As more materials and more innovations were found and used, masonry evolved to include all building materials that are kept together with mortar. For example, steel and glass can be considered masonry materials.

Pros and Cons

Using masonry style in builds is always a great choice. Since it has been around for thousands and thousands of years, it is a tried and true quality avenue. However, it is not perfect. Construction cannot be done during rain or other poor conditions or it will negatively affect the mortar. And, the foundation is the most important part. If the foundation is bad then it will eventually crack. But, don’t let that discourage you from masonry. With a little bit of planning, you can avoid the rain and make sure the foundation is secure. When built on a good foundation, it is fire resistant, pest resistant, has the longest lifespan, and improves resale value. Take advantage of it for your next project!

Are you an expert now?

We are too. As Chicago’s #1 Source for Masonry Construction Supplies, we have you covered for any materials you need for both personal and commercial designs. Check out some of our products here.

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