July Chicago Construction News

July is one of the busiest construction months in Chicago and beyond. There are more workable days to get bigger projects done. Chicago is also a center for innovation in construction and design. Therefore, this blog will recap of some of the big July Chicago construction news. Read on to learn more!

Concrete Protected Bike Lanes

One of the most common ways to travel in Chicago is by bike. However, it is scary to ride a bike on the busy streets. This can be especially scary for kids, who aren’t allowed to bike on the sidewalk after age 12. Some drivers are not paying attention and can harm pedestrians and cyclists alike. Because of this, people started pushing for concrete protected bike lanes. These concrete bike lanes make it nearly impossible for vehicles to get into a bike lane and cause damage. Unfortunately, the project is currently delayed. However, it still has its sights set on finishing 25 miles of protected bike lanes by the end of 2023.

University of Illinois Chicago Cement Research

Chemical engineers at the University of Illinois Chicago received two federal grants totaling over $4 million to help with green cement manufacturing. The Department of Energy awarded this $2.3 million grant in order to develop a carbon negative alternative for portland cement. Portland cement is the most used cement in the industry. The National Science Foundation contributed $1.9 million to finding a way to produce calcium hydroxide. Calcium hydroxide keeps cement together. This is important because as bigger projects are built, more sustainable construction needs to happen.

Soldier Field Construction Renovation Plans

Speaking of bigger projects being built, Mayor Lori Lightfoot revealed plans to completely renovate Soldier Field, including possibly putting a dome on it. Another option is to create a multipurpose stadium, which will also host other events. There are plans to build a little district in the area too. All of these proposed ideas need construction workers and materials.

Recapped on the July Chicago Construction News?

It’s an exciting time for the construction industry! New projects are sprouting up and also more efficient ways to create them. We pride ourselves in making your own projects as efficient as possible, starting with the highest quality materials we provide at Elston Materials. Contact us here to get started today!

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