Incredible Concrete Buildings for Inspiration

With many uses, concrete is one of the most adaptable building materials possible. At Elston Materials, we love thinking about the potential of what can be done with our supplies. For those of you looking for inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of 5 incredible concrete buildings. Each building shows just how variable a design can be, all depending on your vision.

Here are some incredible concrete buildings to fall in love with

The Lotus Temple 

lotus temple- incredible concrete buildingsBelonging to the Baha’i faith, this place of worship reigns as one of the most visited buildings in the world. Located in the bustling city of New Delhi, the Lotus Temple is a near impossible feat of design and construction. With its flower-like facade, it’s hard to believe that the building was crafted out of concrete. The water surrounding the temple

Palais Ideal 

Palais Ideal - incredible concrete buildingsObscure is the word that comes to mind when looking at the Palais Ideal. Constructed in 1864  by Ferdinand Cheval, this “palace” was built using only concrete, lime, and wire. Spanning nearly 34 years, Cheval undertook this project after having a dream about a rock castle. Though bizarre and definitely original, Palais Ideal is a great achievement of concrete construction.

Jubilee Church

Jubilee Church - incredible concrete buildingsSpearheaded by Pope John Paul II in an effort to rejuvenate parish life in Italy, the Jubilee Church bends to a whimsical flow. This concrete creation was built by Richard Meier, a Pritzker Prize winner. With the three concrete sails symbolizing the Holy Trinity, this work of art is a sight to behold if you find yourself in the Rome area.

Santiago Calatrava’s Auditorium

Santiago Calatrava’s Auditorium - incredible concrete buildingsLocated in the Canary Islands, this contoured structure seems to bend the limits of what’s possible for concrete. For us at Elston Materials, this incredible performance centers serves as a reminder of just how instrumental our materials can be for shaping landscapes.

Cidade das Artes

Cidade das Artes - incredible concrete buildingsFrom another Pritzker Prize winner in Christian de Portzamparc, Cidade das Artes is a brilliant blend of space and shape. With the top terrace having the ability to peer at the sea and mountains, it’s a great juxtaposition between two worlds colliding.

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