5 Creative Uses for Concrete Block

We all know that concrete block is essential for construction. But what if you have block leftover from your construction project? Or what if you simply want to do something different with it? These 5 uses for concrete block will let you stretch your creative muscles and add some beautiful touches to your home.


Turn your leftover concrete blocks into a beautiful planter! Add succulents, flowers, herbs, or veggie plants. And, since concrete block is easy to transport, you can keep these planters inside or outside. Brighten up your office with a plant or add a new touch to your patio.

Fire pit

Add some entertainment to your yard with a fire pit made from concrete blocks! Create your own fire pit for toasting marshmallows or simply sitting around to talk. You can easily add a new place for your family to gather in your yard thanks to concrete blocks.

Book shelf

Turn concrete blocks on their side vertically and add some planks of wood on top. And you’ll have a concrete book shelf just like that! This shelf is perfect for industrial-style homes where you want to add a bit of storage space. Whether you need a new book shelf or want a cool new shelf for knickknacks, concrete block will provide a stable foundation.

Garden border

One of our favorite creative uses for concrete block is as a border for your background garden. Set out these blocks around your garden and if you want, you can even add plants to them for some added greenery! And, as a bonus, if you need to raise your garden border due to pesky chipmunks or squirrels disturbing your veggies, you can easily build up a few levels of concrete block.

Privacy wall

Do you need a little extra privacy on your property? Add a privacy wall! Concrete block is one of the most stable materials you could use for a wall–and it will look great, too! Plus, because of its stability, it will be more durable than a regular fence.

What are some of your favorite uses for concrete block?

Whether you’re using concrete block creatively or building with it in a traditional sense, Elston Materials has you covered. You can contact us to order concrete block today–or with any questions you might have about our concrete block.

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Cassie Vu