What is Decorative Concrete?

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Concrete is one of the most versatile building materials. You can use it for floors, driveways, countertops, patios, walkways, and more! But what if you don’t want your floors or walkways to look like standard concrete? And what if you want your concrete driveway to have a more unique look? Well that’s where decorative concrete comes in!

What is decorative concrete used for?

Decorative concrete is a great way to give your concrete a new, fresher look. This will help you stand out from others with a pattern or color. Concrete doesn’t have to be just plain gray anymore–you can customize it to bring a unique style and personality to your home.

How much does this cost?

You might be wondering how much this will cost you, since it is a decorative method. But the thing is: concrete is much cheaper that the other building materials you might be using for these projects. If you want your driveway to look paved with stone, you can achieve this look through using decorative concrete. Paving stone costs much more than concrete does, so you can actually save money by using concrete that’s designed to look like stone instead.

What is the process for creating decorative concrete?

In order to create this specific concrete style, you have to first pour the concrete. Then, when it is still in its plastic state, you have to use specific tools in order to create designs in the concrete.

If you want to add different colors to the concrete, there are a couple different ways you can achieve this. You can use stains, paints, or dyes to add new colors to concrete. The two most popular choices are acid stain and water-based stain.

  • Acid stain
    • Good for both indoors and outdoors
    • Permanent color that won’t fade
    • Good for earth tones
  • Water-based stain
    • Good for creating more intricate designs
    • Has more color options than acid stains
    • Easy to apply

What do you think? Is decorative concrete right for you?

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Cassie Vu