What are Architectural Split-Face Blocks?

Architectural split-face blocks can be very helpful to your construction project. At Elston Materials, we offer several types of this block. But what exactly are they?

What are Architectural Split-Face blocks?

These are blocks that appear to have a chiseled or textured look to them. In reality, these blocks have been made by pouring concrete into a mold that has texture built into it.

When you use split-face blocks, you’re using concrete that has been pre-molded to look rough or hewn, so it doesn’t have any weathering post-production.

Split-face blocks are sometimes referred to as concrete masonry units (CMUs) or cinder blocks.

Why should you use split-face blocks?

These blocks are great to use in your projects because they can save you money. Architectural split-face blocks allow you to build faster, with cheaper materials. This means that you’ll spend less money on materials and will be able to complete your project faster.

They also look nice! The split face on these blocks “exposes” inner parts of the concrete, which gives the outside of your project a textured, unique look.

What do we offer?

A close-up of one of our split-face blocks

We offer several types of split-face blocks. You can find all of our options here.

We have options in 4, 8, 10, and 12 inch, and several varieties of each size.

There’s a reason why Elston Materials is the #1 source of concrete and masonry supplies in Chicago. You can follow us on Facebook and browse our products to find out more.

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