Discover High Quality Cement Blocks

At Elston Materials, we’re proud to offer high quality cement blocks. Our blocks offer many things that other companies can’t promise, and we are proud to provide contractors and DIY-ers alike with quality blocks that will last a long time. Learn more about why our cement blocks are the best around.

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How to Build the Best Outdoor Kitchen

This holiday season, outdoor celebrations are becoming more popular than ever! But if you want to have a great outdoor celebration, you’ll need an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area. If you have the space, or already have an outdoor eating area and are looking to make improvements, here are some ways to make it great. Host the perfect outside holiday with the best outdoor kitchen.

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When to Use Concrete Block

concrete block on construction site

Concrete block is one of the most versatile construction materials. Its many uses means that you can use it for a variety of projects with great results. At Elston Materials, we provide our customers with high-quality, dependable products so you can create sturdy, dependable construction.

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All About Cement Blocks

Cement block are the fundamental building blocks–excuse the pun–of many construction projects. There are plenty of different types of these blocks, and each have their own strengths. We have some helpful info about each block’s strengths and weaknesses.

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A Few of Our Masonry, Brick, and Construction Supplies At A Glance

When it comes to masonry, brick and construction supplies, we offer Chicago with an affordable cost and exceptional quality. Curious what’s in our inventory? We’re happy to share a few of our popular items!

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You Ask, We Answer: How Is Concrete Actually Made?

Concrete is among the most sustainable materials available today. So what exactly makes it “green,” and how is it made? Continue reading