Should I use Reinforcing Wire in my Concrete?

Reinforcing wire can be extremely helpful in concrete projects. Here we’ll aim to help you understand what these benefits are and if you should use reinforcing wire in your next construction project.

Benefits when you use reinforcing wire

Reinforcing wire has many benefits in construction, particularly in concrete construction. It’s important to understand these benefits so you can complete the best possible project.


Reinforcing wire adds a lot of strength to concrete. Concrete on its own is very strong, but it doesn’t hold up to pressure very well. Not withstanding high pressure can lead to damage and cracking, which is not good for the concrete structure.

Reinforcing concrete can add strength to the concrete it wouldn’t otherwise have. This can make it more durable, and in turn, prevent cracking for much longer.


By adding this wire to your project, you’re actually helping to go green. Since the wire for reinforcement is made out of steel, it is recyclable. If you ever need to, the steel you used can be recycled for something else. Additionally, because the reinforcement adds so much strength to the concrete, you’ll spend fewer environmental resources creating new concrete for repairs.


Reinforcing concrete can be a preventative, budget-friendly measure. If you choose to reinforce a structure, you can end up saving money in repairs down the line. The money you would have had to spend on cracks and checking for structural damage can be spent on something else instead.

When to use reinforcing wire

Whether or not you should reinforce concrete depends on what the purpose of the project is. If you’re building a bridge or building where the concrete will experience constant pressure and compression, you should reinforce it. However, if you’re just building a small project like a sidewalk or driveway, there is typically no need for the wire. Since there aren’t as many cars or pressures to the concrete, it can hold up for a much longer time.

Do you need reinforcing wire for your next construction project?

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