Popular Ways To Use Concrete

At Elston Materials, our goal is to deliver our clients the highest-quality supplies that you can find in the Chicago area. We pride ourselves in the ability to help contractors and architects alike with their current or future projects. When it comes to concrete, we know a thing or two about how it can be best used.

Here are 5 popular ways to use concrete

Mid & High-Rise Buildings

Most often, our clients’ main use of concrete is for mid-rise and high-rise building projects. Concrete is an incredibly stable material that offers the best foundational support when building large structures. Without a proper foundation, enormous building projects would never be able to come about. With Elston’s on-site concrete available, we ensure that each job is never wasting materials or precious building time. 


patio popular ways to use concreteAnother way to increase your home’s resale value is to install a nice patio outside. By pouring a nice concrete patio, you’re giving yourself an area to relax and lounge. You can put a fire pit and chairs to create an inviting atmosphere to send warm sunny days and nights.


Concrete’s tremendous durability make it the perfect material for sidewalks. When city projects are laying out their plans for sidewalk renovation, their first instinct is to implement concrete. This provides a safe option that does not crack as much as asphalt, making it less prone to injuries.

Curb Appeal

A great way to spruce up your outdoor area is through concrete design. There are plenty of ideas you can find online that show fun DIY projects. Whether it’s creating a cozy fireplace to get warm, benches to sit around and chat, plant holders,  or intricate walkways leading to your home, there is surely a way to use concrete in your favor.


Unlike asphalt, concrete has the unique ability to bolster your house’s exterior design. Not only does it have a better longevity, it can be colored in a variety of ways. This gives you free reign to add some style to your outdoor space that matches your home.

Cassie Vu