Where Chicago Contractors Go to Buy Supplies &Materials

A lot of time and work go into the making of a business. Here’s what turned us into the premier source for Chicago construction supplies and masonry needs. The contractors go to Elston.

chicago construction supplies masonry concrete

We’ve been in this business for almost five decades.

If you can do one thing well, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim higher. For a long time our focus has been concrete. We specialize in concrete. But we grew quickly and expanded to meet our clients’ and customers’ needs. We’ve since incorporated LEED-certified concrete blocks, which are now all over the city and all of Chicagoland. We have broadened not just our products and the work we stand behind, but our mission at Elston. Learn more about our interest in sustainability for Chicago.

We’re located right in the heart of Chicago.

Our offices are right on Elston, halfway between North Avenue and Division Street. The area, right next to Goose Island and Lincoln Park, has housed industrial businesses like ours for many years. We’ve established ourselves as the source for any and all Chicago construction supplies — we have a storied history with local contractors, builders, architects, masons, and planners.

We’re the most reliable source for Chicago construction supplies.

We are entirely family owned and operated — and we know this line of work better than just about any other team could. We produce the highest quality products, and we pride ourselves on our customer service. As well, our Minority Business Certification can contribute to your own MBE Participation.

We’re honored and excited to help build up Chicago.

Cassie Vu

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