Brick Tongs: What They Are & How to Use Them Properly

Brick tongs are very important to construction and masonry work. One good tool can last you a very long time. Here we explain what you use them for, and how you can to use them.

Simply put, this tool lets you easily carry many blocks or bricks. You can work more efficiently and safely if you use it properly.

brick tongs concrete masonry construction
Via Wonkee Donkee Tools.

Brick tongs let you carry up to 6-10 bricks at a time.

You adjust the clamp, which tightens when the handle is lifted. Depending on the bricks’ size, this can be very helpful to the average mason or construction worker! You’re only limited by the weight you are able to lift. A set of heavy-duty tongs can handle some wear and tear.

They’re very simple to use!

Simply start by lining up your bricks and placing each end brick tong at the sides. Adjust the width as needed by removing the wingnut, then replacing it when done. Make sure that this is secure.

Once you’ve lined it all up and estimated the width of your brick tongs, grasp the handle firmly and lift. You can now safely carry the load.

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Cassie Vu