5 Decorative Concrete Projects to Inspire You (Or Just Dream About)

When you’re constantly working with and supplying materials like concrete to general contractors, masons, and other clients, it’s exciting to see what decorative projects others are working on. Sure, we’ve got skin in the game here. We’ve got the concrete and the blocks. But who’s to deny us some possible inspiration?

All concrete projects are great because concrete is incredibly versatile. Bare concrete can always be painted or decorated to suit your needs, but it’s also beautiful on its own. Let’s get into some simple but fascinating examples of decorative concrete.

We narrowed it down to seven, but there’s plenty more out there.

Concrete chairs.

decorative concrete
Image via Plant Talk.

Apparently this is the before, which we understand. This looks just a little uncomfortable. Hailing from a Seattle-area shop called Dean Tile and Design, Carol Rose Dean designs various objects in concrete before tiling them.

A table, or a bench? Does it matter?

decorative wood concrete table bench
Image via Homedit.

This decorative design’s materials are as versatile as its actual function, apparently. There are so many cool options for combining natural materials, and this is great thinking if one wants to remain environmentally conscious with the decoration of their space.

Maybe one more.

concrete wood table
Image via TaoConcrete on Etsy.

Unless you build it yourself, this type of design looks like it’ll run you at least a few thousand dollars.

An outdoor picnic table.

decorative concrete wood plant picnic table
Image via Decozilla.

Now we’re just jealous. Not only because of that seamless design, but the introduction of — again — other organic elements. Here, they’ve added flowers and wood.

Candle holders.

concrete diy candle holder
Image via Nordic House.

This one’s really for those of you at home. Not quite ready to plan a huge concrete project? Start small.

See what else we have in store.

Cassie Vu

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