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30"x10" Polystyrene Concrete Sliders (Pair)
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Lightweight Concrete Sliders (Pair) This pair of 30" x 10" Concrete Sliders is made from from tough, heavy-duty polystyrene plastic. The Knee Boards have rounded edges to prevent digging into concrete. The polystryrene resists corrosion from use and makes the boards easy to use and the plastic makes them easy to clean. Toe bracket secures the foot and allows for an ease of back and forth movement along the work surface. Each board features an adjustable kneepad to provide comfort on your knees as you move around the cement. The lightweight polyurethane knee pads are removable/replaceable. The knee pads securely attach to knee with two adjustable web straps to hold pads to knees. Each pad is molded in one piece to eliminate seams that can lead to chafing and discomfort. Remove the knee pads and use them on their own for additional versatility. The kneepads are replaceable to extend the life of the sliders. Use Polyurethane Knee Pads (WL080) as replacements. Proudly made in the USA.