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2-Strap Polyurethane Knee Pads (Pair)
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Polyurethane Knee Pads Protect your knees while finishing concrete, laying down tile or other flooring material, landscaping, auto repair, mechanical work, or any other job that involves extended floor work. These lightweight, yet durable knee pads can be used for all types of construction. Each pad is molded in one piece to eliminate seams that can lead to chafing and discomfort. Knee pads are made of durable, lightweight polyurethane with two adjustable web straps to hold pads to knees. Replacement straps are available. Knee pads fit Deluxe Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Knee Boards ( CC150, CC151), Lightweight Stainless Steel Knee Boards (CC162), and Concrete Sliders (CC153) to create a "comfort fit" for the sliders. Proudly made in the USA.