Why is Ready-Mix Concrete Important?

At Elston Materials, we want to make sure you use the best products for your projects. Ready-mix concrete is one of those products. We know this product is better quality for your construction project and by providing ready-mix concrete, we can help you achieve your construction goals. Ready-mix concrete is extremely beneficial for several reasons.

Prevent waste

Since each batch of ready-mix concrete is prepared for a specific project, you won’t have to worry about having extra after you’re done. This is great for you since you’ll have enough concrete for your project without having to pay for extra that you didn’t use.

Help the environment

By only using the concrete you need, you’ll help prevent pollution. Less concrete produced means less pollution, so you’re helping the environment when you use ready-mix concrete.

Save money

Not only will you save money when you don’t pay for extra concrete, but with ready-mix concrete you also save money on labor costs. When you mix concrete, you need workers to mix the concrete on the job site. When you use ready-mix concrete, you’ll eliminate the need for these labor costs and save money.

On site mixing

At Elston Materials, we understand your need for
flexibility, which is why we took the concept of ready-made concrete one step
further. We use Volumetric Concrete Mixers to prepare your concrete on site.

This helps keep your concrete fresh, which provides maximum strength. Using volumetric concrete mixers also helps make sure the water to concrete ratio is perfect—when mixing off-site, you often have to add extra water after the transit to your project site. But when mixing on-site, the concrete is fresh, which means no extra water has to be added. This is yet another way to make sure your concrete is the highest quality possible.

If you want to prevent waste, save money, and help the
environment, use ready-mix concrete in your next construction project. Contact
Elston Materials to find out more details about our ready-mix concrete. If you
want to have the best quality concrete available, consider using our Volumetric
Concrete Mixers. Contact Elston today to get answers for any concrete questions
you may have.

Cassie Vu

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