General Purpose Speed G Blade Series


  • Arbor: 1”/20mm
  • Segment Height: 10mm
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The Speed G is designed to maximize life in a wide range of applications. With its heavy core and the addition of cooling holes, the Speed G will run cool and cut fast without wobble. It also has drop segments to protect the core in abrasive materials making it effective cutting a wide range of materials from ductile iron pipe to asphalt.

Applications: Ductile Iron, Granite, Brick Pavers, Cured Concrete, Bluestone, Common Brick, Limestone, Roof Tile, Block, Abrasive Block, Green Concrete, Asphalt.

  • Arbor: 1”/20mm
  • Segment Height: 10mm

SPEEDG12 : 12” x .125, SPEEDG14 : 14” x .125, SPEEDG16 : 16” x .125, SPEEDG18 : 18” x .142, SPEEDG20 : 20” x .142


Diamond Speed Products, Inc.


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