What is the MBE Certification?

If you visit the “about us” page on our website, you’ll see that we have a MBE Certification listed. But what is this certification and what does it mean for our business? More importantly, what does it mean for you?

What is the MBE Certification?

The MBE Certification is a certification process. Specifically, we are MBE (9) certified. Businesses can become certified by a third party, or in our case, the city. We are certified by Cook County, so our certification adheres to their standards. The MBE (9) Certification is applied to companies that are minority-owned. We are pleased to announce that we have applied and become certified according to the Cook County standards.

What does this mean?

This means that we are MBE Certified by Cook County. Because of this certification, Elston Material can help contractors meet the MBE participation requirement for certain projects.

Elston is also CDOT and IDOT certified, so we are certified to work on official Illinois Department of Transportation construction projects. Our materials are high quality enough for us to earn this certification.

The certifications cannot speak to the quality of the business. However, Elston Materials is the #1 source for masonry construction supplies in Chicago. We’ve proven that we’re a high-quality company with high-quality materials and these certifications are just another way to set us apart from other construction supply companies.

If you have any questions…

Feel free to contact us! You can view all of our products here.

Cassie Vu

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