How to Resurface Concrete: 6 Easy Steps

Summer is here and all those pesky repairs you’ve been putting off since spring are waiting for you. One of the most common repairs we see is the need to resurface concrete, especially after a harsh Chicago winter with plenty of snow and ice–and ice melt chemicals. These 6 easy steps to resurfacing concrete will get the job done quickly and correctly!

Step 1: Wash away dirt

We recommend a pressure washer to clean the concrete area of all dirt and debris. Dirt, small stones, and other types of debris can lead to uneven bumps or bubbles under the resurfacer, causing the finished project to lose a smooth, even look.

Step 2: Patch large cracks

If you have any large cracks or divots in your concrete, patch them up before you begin to resurface the concrete. This way, the resurfacer will spread evenly over the concrete and not dip into divots and cracks to seep below the surface of the concrete.

Step 3: Water the area

It’s important to saturate the surface area with water so it doesn’t absorb anything else during the resurfacing. Once the concrete is completely saturated, brush off any extra water. You don’t want to have standing water on the surface, since it will interfere with the resurfacing process.

Step 4: Prepare concrete resurfacing

We always like to stress the importance of following the directions on your concrete resurfacing materials before you begin to use them. You can get everything you need for a complete resurfacing job at Elston Materials, your local Chicago concrete and masonry supply company.

Step 5: Spread resurfacer

Now you’ll actually begin to resurface concrete! Start by spreading the resurfacing over the area and make sure to work quickly so it doesn’t harden. Depending on how large your area is, it might be better to prepare the resurfacing and spread it in small batches in order to keep it from hardening before you’re finished.

Step 6: Let it cure

Finally, let the resurfacer cure before putting any pressure on the area. Make sure you allow the concrete to cure for 6 hours before walking over it and 24 hours before driving over it.

And there you have it!

6 easy steps to resurfacing concrete. Follow these steps and your concrete will look good as new in no time! And if you’re looking for any concrete or concrete construction materials, call Elston Materials at 773-235-3100. We’re the #1  #1 source for masonry & construction supplies in Chicago, according to the contractors themselves.

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