How to Fix Concrete Cracks

Concrete requires you to maintain it carefully. And sometimes as it encounters wear and tear, it can crack. Of course, no one wants their concrete to crack, but if it does, what can you do? We’re here to help with tips on how to fix concrete cracks. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to repair your concrete in no time.

Fix small concrete cracks

When you have small cracks in your concrete, you have to approach them a specific way. Your first step to fixing the small cracks is to brush them out. You don’t want to trap any debris inside the crack because this could lead to it cracking again. Once you’ve brushed all the loose particles out of the crack, you can start the repair.

First, you need to apply bonding material to the crack. This helps keep the patching compound in place, which is crucial. Once the bonding material is in place, you can start patching the crack. Mix the patching compound and use a trowel to fill the crack, making sure it’s even with the rest of the surface.

Fix large concrete cracks

Large cracks are more difficult to fix, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! Just like with smaller cracks, your first step is to brush out any loose debris and clean out the split so it’s ready to be repaired. However, with a larger crack, you’ll need to use more than a patching compound. Here, we recommend using a concrete mix to properly seal it. Prepare your concrete and use a trowel to fill the crack. Just like with the smaller cracks, you’ll need to make sure the concrete is even with the rest of the surface.

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Cassie Vu