Should You DIY Concrete Pour?

When you need concrete, it can be tempting to do a DIY concrete pour. You’d pour the concrete on your own, skip the professionals, and save the money. But is it worth it?

DIY concrete pour

Many homeowners are very confident in their abilities as a DIY-fixer. And while DIY work can save homeowners money and time, some projects require more expertise. Concrete is a very complicated material; for example, the ratio of water to concrete has to be very specific, or the concrete won’t be strong. Pouring your own concrete can also be very time consuming, and mistakes are very costly. You might go into this project thinking pouring your own concrete will save you money, but it could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Benefits of professionals

Instead of a DIY concrete pour, we recommend using professionals. They are experts at pouring concrete and will make sure it’s done evenly and correctly. Professionals are also experts in creating the proper ratio of concrete mix to result in strong concrete. And instead of having to spend hours pouring the concrete yourself, you can leave that to the professionals while you tackle a different job.

Volumetric mixers

Elston Materials has volumetric mixers guaranteed to provide a better concrete pour than traditionally mixers. These mixers have many advantages. They ensure your concrete has the perfect ratio of concrete to water, which creates a stronger mixture overall. The concrete is mixed on site, and the best part is it’s made to order. This means that you’ll only pay for the concrete you need to use, which will save you money!

Need to pour concrete?

Elston Materials can help you. Our volumetric concrete mixers will pour concrete perfectly every time. Call 773-235-3100 for more information about our mixers.

Cassie Vu